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Google devising radical search changes t

The new features are being created by designers, engineers and executives working in so-called sprint rooms to tweak and test the latest versions. The new search engine would offer users a far more personalized experience than the company's current service, attempting to anticipate users' needs.


India’s unemployment rate climbs to fo

India’s unemployment rate climbed to a four-month high, the latest data showed, as there were more people joining the workforce compared to available jobs in Asia’s third largest economy. The nationwide joblessness rate rose to 8.11% in April from 7.8% in March, the highest since December. Urban unemployment climbed to 9.81% from 8.51% in the same period while in the rural areas, it fell marginally to 7.34% in April from 7.47% a month ago.


Job cuts in India just a small fraction

Job cuts in India just a small fraction of global layoffs: Recruitment firms


As hiring slows and companies tighten be

As hiring slows and companies tighten belts, inhouse recruiters face heat